How would you like to have John Floyd come and talk to your school, church or other group about turning their financial lives around forever?

"John Floyd is well spoken and knowledgeable in the area of financial literacy and provided an entertaining and informational event for our campus community. I would recommend John to anyone looking for a speaker who is able to provide fundamental education on financial literacy."
Toan To
Assistant Director of Student Engagement
UNC - Asheville

"I enjoyed the information today. I really got a lot out of it. Your inspiration helped me, thanks so much!"
Ryan M. 
Sandhills Community College

Like many young people, John Floyd started off his adult years in bad financial shape. By his early 30s, John had a credit card that was maxed out, a car that he owed more on than it was worth, only $15 in the bank and no retirement fund at all. But he turned his life around and within a short period of time his credit card was paid off. He then paid off the car he was "upside down" on EARLY and PAID CASH for his next one. And he now he has not one, but TWO retirement funds. He became so obsessed with finances that he wrote the book Debt Free Is The Way To Be: How To Get Out Of Debt, Stay Out And Accumulate A Fortune. 

But don't expect some boring lecture. After over twenty years as a stand-up comedian, John knows how to keep an audience entertained. He now uses his gift of gab and sense of humor to teach people all over America how to stand-up to debt. Known as "The Funny Financial Guy" he has quickly become one the country's most respected authorities on personal finances and debt elimination. But he continues to keep it all in stride saying, "I'm only teaching people what I wish someone had taught me years ago."

                 Why Your Audience Needs To Hear John: 

Over 1.5 million Americans file for bankruptcy each year. 

The average person has nearly $9,000 in credit card debt.                           
97% of all Americans retire with less than $1,200 a month to live on.                
                   Just SOME Of What They Will Learn: 

How to get out of debt and stay out forever. 

How to never have a car payment and eventually get free cars for life. 

How to pay off your house years early and save tens of thousands on  your mortgage. 

How dropping bad habits can make you a millionaire. 

How one or two short years can cost you hundreds of thousands. 

How bad credit can keep you from landing the job you desire. 

How lenders and credit card companies want you to always owe them money. 

How to retire with a fortune. 

                              Plus Much, Much More!  

John's humorous, informative and inspirational talk will have your group laughing all the way to the bank!


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